Leasing Consultant: Stone Brook

Not intimidated by growth and a fast pace? Love the idea of being on a team that has the ability to influence the lives of so many others? We could use someone like you to create value with someone like us
Here's the real work you will do:
o Sell yourself
o Spit shine apartments
o Drive fancy golf carts
o Research the competition
o Paperwork. Data entry. Answer phones. In other words .glam!
o Focus on the needs of others. That's right, we said others .
o Build rewarding relationships with new people
o Defuse unhappy people in challenging situations
o Figure out how to get others to share and tell you what they need
o Move, move, and then . move some more - you're constantly mobile
o Adapt to continual change - no two days are the same
What you will find challenging:
o Time management is tough to plan for what's a plan?
o Weekend work
o Staying organized during busy times
o Challenging people interactions
o Not all efforts result in a qualified sale
o Revenue - sometimes you have to ask for it, twice
What does A Day in the Life of the Cortland Partners leasing team look like?
Walk in the door clock in get the carts open models get the clubhouse ready beverages out get ready for touring open up your software programs print availability if you have vacant units walk them check appointments and move ins get lease files ready (repeat, repeat, repeat) check messages (repeat, repeat, repeat) check lead center make sure all is followed up on post to website follow up on renewals (repeat, repeat, repeat) send out renewal offers answer phones take tours (repeat extensively) work on resident issues (again, repeat, repeat .you get it) enter work orders in software (over and over) daily huddle with team guests coming in all day make sure leasing material available it's 5 pm lunch time. Why is it a long run on sentence? It's a long run on day.
What you will like about this job:
o It's always different
o It's never boring
o There is no sitting still
o You get to meet new people
o The work day goes by fast
o Growth opportunities
o Income potential
o Walking alongside a guest as they share about their life
o You're there when someone discovers their next home
What you will like about Cortland Partners:
o Tons of potential
o Everyone supports you
o We all come together with the same goal in mind
o Your career opportunities can take you to different states
o No barriers between the CEO, LC, ACM, ST, COO, CM - we're all the same people regardless of the acronym
"I just got promoted to the Leasing Manager role but before I could learn my new role the Assistant Community Manager position was vacant and I had to take on double duty learning. So that's what I'm doing now and it can be overwhelming at times but the knowledge that I am gaining and the realization that I can overcome and achieve in this situation is incredible. All I needed was the opportunity to prove my abilities and a little faith in myself. It is in times like this that your team comes together and supports each other. We're like the geese in our lake, we all flock together." D.K., Leasing Manager.
"Being the top leaser and working with other team members, I took on more responsibility. I had to overcome trials with time management, especially with the urgent need to do so many things at one time. It was really hard but it definitely improved me. The experience gained is going to be instrumental as I strive for career greatness. I know that I don't want to stay in leasing long term and there's a lot of opportunity here. If you work your tail off and you're willing to do more you can make it. Now we have a rock star leasing team here. It's cool to watch your paycheck grow." - C. H., Leasing Consultant.
What you can become:
o Knowledgeable about real estate and property management
o Confident and comfortable in your own skin
o Exceptional communicator
o Financially secure
o A confidante
o A trusted coworker
o A Leasing Manager
o Someone who "keeps their cool" and can handle anything
o Professional relationship builder in the industry
o Firefighter .well not literally, you know what we mean
o Minimum of high school degree, some college or degree preferred.
o 2 years prior multi-family / apartment community leasing experience required.

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.