Senior Process Control Technology Engineer

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Title: Senior Process Control Technology Engineer
Date Created: 04-10-14 (05:57 PM)
Location: Baytown, TX
Openings: 1
Be responsible for the safe, compliance, reliable and efficient operation of installed instrumentation, electrical and control systems in his/her assigned area of responsibility
Be the single point of contact for Process Control Technology (PCT) including PD, APC, Pat for his/her assigned area of responsibility
Accountable and responsible for PCT documentation, critical equipment/instrument and safety PM/PdM compliance and CARS in assigned area
Maintain and manage spare parts for assigned area
Provide technical direction to PCT Technicians/PCT Designers
Be accountable and responsible for PCT troubleshooting, loop tuning and monitoring and process control optimization in assigned areas
Provide technical assistance for monitoring process conditions and identifying process control improvement opportunities
Be accountble and responsible for the configuration DCS/PLC/Programmable Devices in assigned area
Be responsible for reliability centered maintenance program in area of responsibility
Lead Root Cause Failure Analysis on PCT failures and participate in Unit HAZOPs and CMFAs
Be accountable for controlling and updating unit PCT documentation including interlocks and safety system documentation
Be accountable for instrumentation and electrical project costs and schedule for assigned area
Be accountable for operational success of projects in area of responsibility
Strong knowledge in field of PCT through internal and external networking and utilizes global contacts
Be responsible for selection and application of short-circuit and overload devices, electrical grounding and power converters (VFDs, UPS, etc.)
Required Qualifications:
Bachelors degree in Electrical or Chemical Engineering or related field with 6+ years of experience in instrumentation and/or electrical experience OR Masters degree in Electrical or Chemical Engineering or related degree with 4+ years of instrumentation and/or electrical experience OR a Ph.D. in Electrical or Chemical Engineering or related degree with 2+ years of instrumentation and/or electrical experience
Knowledge of the engineering and maintenance practices for process control systems including analog and digital controls, distributed and computer controlled systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCSs) and Electrical systems
Possess broad knowledge of industrial automation and advanced process control technology
Relevant experience with Safety Instrumented Systems evaluation, design and implementation including HAZOP studies and Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)
Knowledge of the National Electric Code, Power distribution up to 480V and 480V/2300V/4160V motor control
Good business knowledge and customer service and project management skills
Possess strong verbal and written communication skills
Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to function as a team member. Ability to interact with management in various departments is required in coordinating and complying with approved standards and policies
Strong analytical and problem solving skills
Demonstrated leadership skills
Ability to work independently
Thorough Process Control Technology field hardware knowledge as well as working knowledge of process and operations.
Preferred Qualifications:
RCA-/DE-/FMEA-/RCM Methodologies
Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

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